December 3, 2023

20 thoughts on “Repairing Ridges Tiles!

  1. Will, you’re a legend mate. After seeing the video I decided to do the same on my house and I’m just sitting having a rest now its all finished and I’ve saved myself a good couple of grand. Thanks!

  2. Great video son! Would have you on my roof anytime!!… Do a video of how not to do it right, and what to look for! So many cowboys about ripping of people! You sir, are a star and an excellent roofer!!!

  3. Hard graft but looks great finished. Just a couple of notes :- We always pre wet all areas of contact to create a good key to the
    Ridge n tiles, also a 50/50 mix sharp sand/building sand makes
    the mortar set really hard,. Enjoyed your vid. David

  4. With HSE currently focusing on working at height, I would probably take this down, your advertising your business working in the exact way the health and safety at work act prohibits!
    An accident waiting to happen, so much wrong with working this way!

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