December 3, 2023

19 thoughts on “Château de la Grifferaie, S3 E21, "Let's Fix the Roof"

  1. With all my respect. In one of your videos you mentioned about One million dollar you won…. but you don’t have money In another video you said you sold the beach house so you can have money to buy the château, in another video and one of your travels to America you said that the people -renting- the house have it very well taking care…. I love your château but like I said with all my respected I heard one video then another like in this one the letter have dated 03/03/2021 is not like you said recently in 2 months 2023
    Well I understand also another things refer how to buy a château in France if you don’t have money but you will have all those students giving them everyday 3 meals? and for long period time. Just want to wish you the best luck to you for your honestly and help young people, you are the mirror for the next generation.

  2. When I bought and restored my 1903 Victorian commercial building, I saved the roof for last, which, in hind sight was good cash flow wise, but a challenge keeping it sealed as it need a full replacement (but I managed). I leased the building space on 1st and basement floors to my restaurant company for free and worked hard just to get my restaurant up and going and making money (cash flow). I would have loved donations! (obviously I couldn’t since I had a for profit business – that at times was non-profit, lol) but I saved and saved money for a full replacement, which was awesome when it was completed. If I would have put all my money in the roof at first, I would have never been able (money wise) to get the business up and running – so it is a balancing act and in my opinion, you are doing things in the right order – I did the same thing and it all worked out in the long run. I am an accountant and controller, so I had a background in cash management and with that and project management – this is how you work to achieve your long term goal. I will enjoy watching the videos of your roof replacement. I support your mission !

  3. Perhaps at some future time you will be qualified to do classes on how to legally finance and support a non-profit in France along with all that entails. Bring in certified experts to assist in teaching. Could be beneficial to lots of ministries as God’s Kingdom expands. 🤷‍♀️

  4. Do consider having some extra money in store for when you fix the roof it’s a prime time to fix beams that need to be fixed and changed. Also have you gotten your house worm treated yet that’s something you need to get done and is easy to do yourself

  5. This all sounds very informative. I’m impressed with your emphasis on what sounds like your one and only, sole purpose of “trying to help kids.” which is very honorable. You have made provisions for should your project fail in some way. If that should happen, would consider being part of the support system for programs such as IVHQ, Americorps, Canadian Youth for Christ, or Peace Corps in impoverished areas of the world? Christian leadership shaped after such works by St. Francis of Assisi and St. Basil of Caesarea and oriented to youth leadership. I’m sure you had considered those kinds of ideas before settling on the chateau in France concept and wonder how it became your choice. Great to see the chateau being saved and restored for its national historic value. Keep up the good works.

  6. This exactly why you don’t purchased a chateau to many issue with them especially with the roofs, the cost is very expensive… though their very beautiful

  7. Mission Stéphane Bern is a foundation that deals with the preservation of French heritage buildings. It might be a good resource for you, you do have to apply, showing pictures of what needs to be fixed, and why the building is a heritage building. They’ve chosen the buildings for 2022 but I believe they are still taking applications for 2023. Good luck, you are doing a great thing in both your work and in your efforts to care for the chateau!

  8. just a thought for the slate covering down pipes ……… use chicken wire across top of the whole gutter ….it will stop slate falling in the the gutters and blocking down pipes
    Another thought have you thought of giving access to local ministeries access in the off season..( I no you still work…… but its just a thought)

  9. Your non profit business model won’t maintain the chateau. You need to have an engineering depreciation report of the chateau that lays out a plan for repair. any money raised goes towards the repair projects identified in the report. you could make a million dollars per year and so long as the money is budgeted for the chateau, that meets the non profit status. if you have a board, you have expenses that exceed non profit status because they need money for luxuries. More important than the roof is the entrance way structural issues. that is first priority, not the roof.

  10. Have you thought about doing something for not just teens but for adults? I would pay to do a Christian ministry at a Chateau in France. I’m Canadian so this would be fun. Great news about the roof. A priority indeed

  11. Many châteaux have years, if not decades, of deferred maintenance. You’re proposing redoing a roof that likely lasts 100 yrs. It is probably the most expensive maintenance cost associated with châteaux. I applaud your willingness to undertake this much needed repair. I follow several château vlogs, but yours is so spectacular inside and out. Good luck with this project. You’ll be in my prayers.

  12. Hello, just wondering about the birds and small animals getting in issue. Could you use chicken wire or bird netting to keep them out? It would not keep the rain out, but it would be fairly inexpensive and easy to install. Keep up the great work, love what you are doing!

  13. I really enjoy your programmes , you are great to listen to , and you have the Messiah at the beginning. The Chateau is beautiful . YOUR CAMERA WORK IS great. and how is Mr Bingley?

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