December 3, 2023

20 thoughts on “WE DECIDED TO MAKE BARGE BOARDS – Roof is finally ready for ROOFING!

  1. I watch so many of your videos and your always so knowladgble on buildings regs and ways to do things. where do you get your info and knowledge from? Im wanting to convert garage to a livable room and it seems so difficult to actually find out what i need know for things like regs.

  2. I love your videos Tim, but please ask yourself, which would I prefer to lose, my hearing or my eyesight?? You constantly wear your ear protection with the nail gun, but no safety glasses πŸ₯΄. I’ve seen the result of no safety eyewear with a nail gun and it ain’t pretty πŸ§‘β€πŸ¦―

  3. Just out of interest you struggled to move just the chassis around so how do you plan to mive the cabin to where it is going to be ??? Or is it staying where it is now πŸ€” coming along nicely now by the way !!

  4. Great video as always Tim. Just a note, if you don’t fix to the bottom batten it might possibly rattle in the wind. I’m sure you may have thought of that.

  5. You don’t think that cutting the green roofing material so far back that should any water get through and the pitch being low that the water might creep back by capillary attraction?

  6. No criticism at all as a 5 year viewer of the channel, but instead of this build why didnt you buy a state of the art static caravan )Ive looked into this and the prices are horendous/not horendous depending on spec, granted not as big, but it would always be worth a very good value. Is there a resale value in this, and if so is it comparable? Im sure you have the answers to this, but it would be good to understand. Looks great, and you are doing a fantastic job πŸ‘

  7. ever seen what a bouncing broken nail does to an eye? i have it’s not pretty. i’ve also had a piece hit just under my safety specs and lodge in my face. the warnings about nail guns are real. i suppose it’s a numbers game use a tool long enough and something will go wrong. Everyone is responsible for themselves and their own body it’s always your choice on diy. i just wince when your face is so close cheers from australia

  8. Hi. I noticed that you are using a Triton plainer/thicknesser. I had another brand and I was disappointed with it, I am only a hobbyist and by no means do I work the machines hard but the one I had before lasted only just longer that the guarantee and as it was lockdown I can only have used it about twenty times so I was not happy getting another one. How have you found your machine, have you had it very long and what quantity are you getting.

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