December 3, 2023

20 thoughts on “Roof repairs with Flex Seal: Please don't do it.

  1. My roof damaged by hurricane Ian, I used FlexSeal as a temporary repair. Are you suggesting that I let my roof leak until I can get a roofing contractor for repairs, maybe a month?

  2. OMG due cut it out. It is so obvious what you are doing here. You want us to call you, so we spend 8 grand on a new roof lol. There is absolutely nothing wrong with using Flex seal for small leaks and repairs. Of course, you’re not going to Flex seal your whole dam roof lol. I love his first reason: Its ugly” lol Wow dude that’s one of your reasons. Dude 99 percent of people could care less about a small black spot on the top of the roof where nobody is going to see. So yeah let’s call in a roofer to patch a small leak for about 1,000 bucks or go by a 18 dollar can of flex seal. Its a no brainer.

  3. Of course the contractor’s going to bash flex seal. You know these are hard times for everybody. We can’t afford contractor. The guy just proved that it works. You’re just bashing it because you want more work lol

  4. If you have a leak — screw the roofer who won’t be there for 45 days . screw your insurance claim that would pay for damages you could have prevented. Emergency repairs are an EMERGENCY. I say .. keep some on hand because it will happen at night or on a Holiday weekend. If some roofer is to lazy to to scrape off a little goo — then he shouldn’t be on a roof. If you’re ambitious enough to make the patch, you’re probably going to make later repairs yourself anyway. I don’t know which is more irritating , listening to complaints in English or listening to roofers who can’t speak English ( usually Spanish ).

  5. Flex seal straight up doesn’t work. It doesn’t seal anything and becomes brittle in no time. Any caulk alternative is a better option. The tape they sell is awful too. Completely overpriced and a scam.

  6. Lol Flexseal works great for these exact uses not everyone wants to call a contractor for a tiny leak for insurance for a single small issue and this stuff works amazing especially if you get the color that matches your roof or clear it works amazing for small leaks which is exactly what it is designed to do. This guy doesn’t want you to use it because he wants you to call him.

  7. The flex seal paste is legit as a temporary solution. Super thick and seals under water. Had some internal copper gutters on a 125-year-old house. The slate had cut a hole in it and it was draining into the house needed it plunged while raining. Flex paste worked for a good 5 days of heavy rain until we could get it fixed.

  8. Loved your comment – “Flex seal is Not Jesus in a can! “🤣. I’m sure Jesus will forgive hm owners for using it but it’s not going to fix their problems…

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