December 9, 2023

20 thoughts on “How to Repair a Flat Roof with Liquid Roof

  1. Like most trades you get good and bad, a good roofing company would really need to strip this put in roof vents to let out the moisture trapped in the concrete through ingress of water.
    What youve done looks good now but in two/three years someone will be doing it properly with a professional system.
    Good “temporary” repair though but not permanent, it will have more cracks than a Jack Whithall gig in a couple of years once the UV have haf its way (despite what it says on the tin) the customer obviously didnt want to spend a lot.
    Theres an old saying, you cant polish a turd….but you can dip it and roll it in glitter.
    Good effort for a repair👍

  2. Will this stuff stick to roofing lead? Roofers bodged my fibre roof by trying to lay fibre on top of lead on the edges of the flat roof where it meets a pitched roof. Unfortunately they didn’t prime the lead first and the fibre has now lifted away and water is getting in!

  3. I have a roof with 5cm slope. It still new and didn’t experience it in winter so I cant guess what problems may happen specially winter is so cold and snowy. We used cement board as a outside layer and then sandwich panel. How can I fix it

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