December 9, 2023

19 thoughts on “Fiberglass Cab Roof Repair! John Deere 3520 Auction Purchase Rehab

  1. you might have been able to reuse the door and window seal as most of the time the spring steel clips just get sprung a little. take a pliers and clamp the seal down and use a rubber mallet to get it to fit on the door.

  2. Husband learned fiberglass repair in the coast guard and went into marine trades and says epoxy is the best for repairing fiberglass . He recommends West System Epoxy.
    Also works great in woodworking.
    But follow the directions. As he says these resins heat up. If mixed wrong you can get a sever exothermic reaction ,this also applies to standard fiberglass resins

  3. It’s good to have friends like that. I do not have the patience to do the Finnish work to make that look as good as it is going to turn out. You might owe him some more cheeseburgers :).

  4. Great video! Loved the audio on this as well! Very calming vibe! Really loved this home DIY fix. As it should be! Don’t see much DIY fixes anymore or Atleast in mainstream media (Television)

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  6. Videos like this that tell how to fix something economically are much more enjoyable and helpful than a video about a $10,000 niche attachment. Thank you for still doing videos like this from time to time, Tim.

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