December 9, 2023

20 thoughts on “Chateau Roof Repair On A Budget | French Chateau Renovations #28

  1. Didn’t notice the Velux ceiling window before- but good lighting. Guests probably ask to stay during events. There will always be need for more en-suites…

  2. Not sure how your weed killing is going….I use a solution of full strength vinegar and dish soap(the soap gives the mixture staying power) if you want them to stay gone dust the stones with baking soda then spray heavily with the mix…last about 2 months

  3. Your chateau is so “beau,” so why have an old degraded-looking dock and firepit? The two just don’t match. People will not be coming to events at your chateau for a “rustic experience.” Make everything look as polished and nice and up-to-date as possible, in my opinion.

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